About Us

The Seaside Sisters are a Santa Cruz, CA-based acoustic duo playing fun and quirky covers of popular songs spanning genres and decades. Hannah Smalltree and Catherine Lewis sing in harmony, and play ukulele, recorders and creative percussion  (washboard, anyone?) These comedic divas are often known to improvise, welcome random guests, incite unexpected singalongs, share bad jokes and hold impromptu contests. It’s vaguely vaudeville, a modern sideshow and an all-around good time.

The Seaside Sisters play in all kinds of venues, entertaining fans of all ages at festivals, music clubs, bars, private parties, beach weddings or creative events. The savvy duo cater their performance — and their inspiring costumes — to the season, location and current events.

A typical set might include songs such as: The Tide is High (Blondie), Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding), Message in a Bottle (the Police), Groovin’ (Young Rascals), Lola (the Kinks), Hey Good Lookin (Hank Williams), Love Potion #9, California Girls (Katy Perry)…and as the night gets later No Diggity (Blackstreet), Fight for your Right (Beastie Boys) and Highway to Hell (AC/DC). You might even hear a few originals woven in the mix. Variety is our hallmark! 

Check out our complete setlists and send us your requests in advance. We also have a request book at shows, remind us if we forget to pass it around.


Enjoy the laid back, good times attitude of the Seaside Sisters!

“Save It’s Wine Tyme for last…open mic nights feature local bands, including the irresistible Seaside Sisters, who play Kinks covers on ukulele, piccolo recorder and percussion. That may sound slightly odd, but trust us, they pegged the Wes Anderson-charming quirk-o-meter.”

Jackie Burrell. “Three Charming Walks,” San Jose Mercury News, March 10, 2015, full article

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